Letters to Tuvia Y3/#sol18 3/31 NO POWER!!!!

Morning T and Slicers,

YAY!!!!! I survived another Nor-ester without your company,  without your insistence that we escape imprisonment.  Cabin fever did not get the best of me until I lost power and felt darkness coming on me.

At 2PM the lights started flickering as I was catching up with my friend James.  Just back from a week in Jamaica, he was not enjoying the snowstorm of the Adirondacks. But there was no way he was losing power- generator and a wood stove!

We kept chatting but I was on notice and by 2:30 I was sitting  with  the howling of the wind for company.

At first was tolerable.  I had battery operated candles, a log in the fireplace, food and lots of power for my Kindles and phone with a few bricks of stored power to keep me connected to the outside- talking and texting.

I read for hours! I snacked… I was okay until…   darkness set in..

A blanket of darkness…the howling wind…the apartment was losing its warmth…and time slowed down…

5 hours without power until, just before  8PM, without any announcement, power reappeared as if it never left and life returned to my space.  News was back, the hum of heat, lights everywhere and I had power in my life again.  I was back in business.

I try not to take power for granted .  I try not to take anything for granted, but I can’t help it…

The wind is still present but I am getting out of here today.  Lunch with my dad and family… No worries…

Bonnie S.

Original Slicer - Bonnie

16 thoughts

  1. Yikes! Darkness (and no heat!) can be difficult and haunting. So happy to hear that it was only 5 hours, but still it was a long 5 hours, I’m sure. Be safe with the wind as you travel out today! Happy writing, Bonnie!

  2. Nor’easter went through here as well in PA. We were lucky to not lose power. Only for a few minutes. Never easy when power goes out. Glad you are able to get out today and be with family. Be safe and enjoy!

  3. My husband and I prepared for that last week when an ice storm was in our forecast. Luckily, our power stayed on. I guess you are lucky that it was “only” five hours. Enjoy getting out today!

  4. Hours of reading sounds so lovely, but then the following darkness and cold, brrr. Wishing you warmth. Are you planning to travel somewhere warm this March?

  5. I think, sometimes, that I could live without power for at least 12 hours each day. Of course I forget to take into account things like hot water and the fridge. Still, with all of your devices fully charged and back-up power available you’ve got a good set-up! Would Tuvia have been reading in a chair with you?

  6. You packed a lot of storm description in a few words: “A blanket of darkness…the howling wind…the apartment was losing its warmth…and time slowed down.” Storms (literally and metaphorically) cause us to pause and be grateful for so many things we take for granted. Here’s hoping that was the last Nor’eastern for this winter.

  7. Glad to hear that you are surviving the storms. I watch the news and can’t believe what I see. I am glad you are safe and sound. I hope you have a lovely day with your dad today.

  8. Years ago we bought a generator just in case something like this would happen. My concern was that we would loose power during a rain storm and the sump would stop causing a flooded basement. Luckily we have never had to use it. Glad that your power was restored. That was one wicked storm yesterday even though we didn’t have it as bad as other places.

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