#SOL19: Year 12- An Original 1/31

On my way home yesterday, from a great day of PD at the Cornwall, NY School District,  an idea took hold- could I find my very first slice from the very first March Marathon, March 1, 2008?   Did I want to find it?  Did I want to dig around in my past?

After 30 minutes of clicking around  I was close, so close… March 2012, March 2010,  March 2009  January 2008!…and then NOTHING! Not my first year. That set of slices could be gone- I left edublogs in that year and embraced WordPress where I did find a treasure trough of slices… 11 years of Slices… My life in slices…

Boy, what a good life I created on the page.. It was  wonderful to have the power to curate a life complete with images and as it happens, often in those 12 years I was on a beach somewhere  in March for a few weeks with my wonderful, quirky partner, Tuvia, (whose been gone now for 3 1/2 years).  So I think I’ll be spending time during this month, dipping into my slicing past.

Honestly, I  haven’t been blogging and I don’t remember when I stopped. Maybe after 2 full year of writing “Letters to Tuvia” as a way to keep myself engaged and using writing to deal with my deep loss and then I took a break from that daily pubic routine and moved off line.

I have been writing, maintaining a  journal tied to what I eat…and  since June I’ve been writing and sharing my letters more exclusively…tied to a whirlwind of activity, creating video pieces inspired by my service learning trip with teacher friends and their students to  Cambodia and then back home last summer,  preparing for more adventures in Thailand for a month of early winter (November-December) on a unique  service learning trip and then back home, dealing with the politics of Trump and a winter that’s wearing me out.

So I’m back for another Year of Slicing.  I’m not sure if I’ll be here every day.  I’m not sure how many slices I can read and comment on.  I do miss the intimacy of year one- a community of 12. It was just too good to not get too big…

So welcome everyone to another great year… Thanks to Stacey and the Two Writing Teachers  team.

Original Slicer - Bonnie





29 thoughts

  1. It’s good to hear your journey. I too haven’t been blogging in a long time. Writing certainly helps with so much of the day to day clarity of my verbal communication. Happy March Bonnie!

  2. Yay! Bonnie! Glad to see you here! Looking forward to maybe reading (and seeing) more about Cambodia and Thailand.

  3. What a great way to put it…too good to not get so big….Even when I started (in 2011) it was so much smaller ! The power of writing and reading daily is compelling and so I am going to try…..but oh my since I “retired” I am SO BUSY! I was empowered by your public sharing of your journey through grief as I could not share my own loss publicly. And, I always look forward to your adventures and your insight!

  4. Even when you step away for a while, you are always welcomed back with open arms in this community. I am happy for the success of the challenge, but I mourn the lost of the smaller population.

  5. Welcome back, Bonnie! I miss the old days when it was only a few of us, but every year my circle of slicers grows and for that I am grateful. Looking forward to your posts. How is the guitar work going??

    • You too… Still keeping that going… love the piece I’m learning now. I’m going to try and keep up with the peeps I know. shhh don’t tell anyone.

  6. It’s hard, isn’t it? So many bloggers, so many posts. I didn’t even decide until today to write this year. And I may not write every day. We’ll see. But I have decided that my commenting will be limited to the bloggers I’ve friended in the past. This year I’m the one traveling during March, so I’m not sure either if I will write every day. We’ll see. But I’m glad to find you here and catch up on your life.

  7. Bonnie!! So nice to click back over here after so long. I, too, miss that first year. It was great knowing I could get through everyone’s posts each day and really feeling I was getting to know each of you. I’m a SOLSC Welcome Wagon lady this year, so I’ll be commenting on slices for a group of newbies .. but still making time for friends from slicing years past! Looking forward to catcing up with you! ❤

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