#sol19 9/19: Not Every Day!



Morning Slicers,

This is the first time since we first began writing in March together that I haven’t been writing and posting a slice every day.  It strikes me that my writing habits have changed in the last year or so and maybe that’s a good thing.

For years I kept a blog.  Most mornings I’d write into the day, often in the darkness, with only my computer screen to guide me and  make it easier for Tuvia to sleep. I always posted an image or more and let it lead me… and I published on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and I usually had readers leave comments, but not always.  It was more for me than anyone else. I needed to begin the day this way.

For the first two years after Tuvia died, I really couldn’t begin my day without a letter to him, and I needed readers/friends out there to comment or just click like on Facebook.  Two years of letter, … and then in third year I kept writing but I could feel a shift happening… I didn’t need to write every day.  I didn’t need to write to Tuvia. He was with me in .our new spiritual relationship and I moved my writing offline.

I worked on keeping a detailed journal of my life as I tracked my eating habits with a nutritionist.  Of course life is never so simple as calories in, calories out and I wanted to understand my relationship with food and I turned to writing reflections to help me… and I came to Intuitive Eating last April.

Of course so much happened to me as I was coming to my 3rd  year marker without Tuvia and a big birthday on the horizon. A trip to Cambodia, a new dynamic friend, a taste for a mission in life,  plans to return for a longer stay in Thailand… and my writing continued through it all… but mostly it was private… or there was private writing and public writing… I shared daily posts on Facebook as I adventured in Thailand… and I kept writing…

Back home, there has been a long winter to deal with and no trip to help me  through the worst part, the last legs of snow in February and March.  .. So as I get to the end of this slice there’s more snow forecast for tomorrow and I’ve made adjustment in my plans and yes, I do feel spring trying to break out and it felt good to write this Slice 🙂

PS My images this morning mix present and past. I am fighting the deep freeze to celebrate the birth of a stage star 🙂 and keep a foot in the past… mudslides with Tuvia in Cancun.


11 thoughts

  1. You are one of the first SOL bloggers. I imagined/expected that the first year people would blog always in March. This shows that people change, life changes and writing changes along with it. I am glad that you are here today.

  2. Glad you wrote today, Bonnie, even if daily public writing isn’t part of your routine any more. I’m glad your life is so busy, and I’m sure Tuvia is too! Can’t wait to hear about your return to Thailand.

  3. Bonnie, I always look forward to your Slices whenever you post. Life changes and we change with it. I think that remembering the past and looking toward the future grounds us and gives us purpose. Always ready to read about your adventures whenever you feel like posting.

  4. I understand the change, I’m feeling it too. I don’t have the passion I once had for the blog. Occasionally, inspiration may strike and I will respond. I do like keeping tabs on what’s happening in your world. 🙂

  5. Life leads us on many different journeys. It is great to read your thoughts again–even once in a while. I am also glad to read that there are indeed new journeys for you to take and continue your adventures. I look forward to seeing more photos and stories in the future.

  6. I love seeing the ways your writing practice has grown and changed over time. The ways it has grounded you, brought readers/friends to you, lifted you … really what writing is all about for me. And sometimes that’s in public, and sometimes it stays in our notebooks, but it still gives us what we need from it. ❤

  7. Change is a constant–and I’m happy to know you have found a new normal and a new rhythm for your writing. I do enjoy reading your blog and hearing your views on your life and the world.

  8. Grateful for the snippets I have seen. Your trip seemed to touch your heart so much. I understand the difference in writing. So glad you have shared.

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