#sol19 13/31: What Was Up with Those Parents?


Support Public Schools

Many public school parents can hardly afford the extra test prep let alone hire someone to take the SATs. Their kids have to take out student loans that will take most of their adult life to pay off.
What about the students who truly deserved those college placements…..Who actually excel in scholarship and athletics!
This is not new. Parents have been paying doctors for extended time and hiring someone to write essays. Some have paid others to take tests. Then there’s that big donation to the college and “legacies”. But photoshopping!!
College admission process needs an overhaul.

I’m sure you’ve all heard something about that crazy scandal that was uncovered yesterday: Privileged parents so desperate to get their kids into the “best” schools were willing to offer bribes to money grubbing coaches and profiteers…

Honestly, my first reaction was disappointment in Felicity Huffman because I love her acting… okay, I got over that and focused on the issues…

I’m grateful to the justice system once again- they caught them.  Sometimes the guilty are caught.  I’m sure they won’t send these parents to jail… but they are outed and shamed. I hoe they feel it!

I’m grateful for my own parents who believed so deeply in educational opportunities for their kids that as each of us came into the world, a bank account was created on the and while my parents began together with just a bit of startup cash, they made sure to keep depositing something into our accounts weekly, confident that by the time we were college bound we could attend the school of our choice. My parents believed in education and the three of us devoured their belief and continue to live it and pass it on…

The children of these cheaters ultimately missed out on virtuous parents.  Trump is doing so much to destroy the public school system, and education for all, that I can’t help but believe that we will endure even Trump’s attacks.

Sadly, we all know that it’s not where you go to college but what you do there.  I had the best education I could possibly get because I was filled with the passion of a student.  I loved the time I had to learn away from home, blazing my own trail.  Sadly, that people still believe the hype.



6 thoughts

  1. I didn’t get into the school I thought I wanted to go to. I applied early action, got deferred, and then got rejected. However, I got into 11 other schools and, in hindsight, I was better off going to the school I went to undergrad. In the end, it was a better fit for me. My 17-year-old self didn’t see it that way, but I’ve come to realize that what you said is true. “It’s not where you go to college but what you do there.” I wish more parents would communicate that message to their kids instead of resorting to these kinds of measures.

  2. And then there was the one daughter posting on YouTube why she was in college before lamely correcting herself. Besides “What were these parents thinking?” what kind of example are they setting for their children?

  3. Thank you for sharing! Many of my current high school students were very frustrated by this story! I hope we as teachers can work to show the value of education.

  4. I was talking to two of my English Learners today about volunteering and how that could help them get a recommendation letter to college! They want to go! Why push children to go to college when they are not ready nor willing? Wait till they are ready and willing.

  5. Definitely disappointing. I hadn’t thought about the value students get from parents who believe in them…what message were these parents sending their children? I want to say the story was shocking…but it wasn’t shocking at all.

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