#sol19 25/31: Writing March 2019



It’s dark right now. Early morning writing by the light of the screen,  just the way I used to write when Tuvia was sound asleep and my mind was wide awake and demanding an outlet for expression… and  off into the living room, tiptoeing  I would give in and open the flood gates…

I’m wide awake now  and that could be very bad for the activities ahead in the light of day, but I’m giving in to this writing in the moment… I’m taking up the call…

It’s been a different March of writing… not that I planned anything before I arrived, but I haven’t been writing regularly on my blog.  I haven’t been sharing as much of my personal life, I haven’t been Slicing often. a shift after years of almost daily blogging and I can’t say why its happened, maybe because this is life without Tuvia, year 3 and there’s been a shift since this chapter began last summer…

So this year, my March writing is not just another month of blogging, simply posting a daily piece on the Two Writing Teacher blog.  It was a bit more calculated.  Year after Year since the number of participants exploded I felt more and more intimidated… puzzled as to how I could share and comment with so many in the community… Year after Year I had no plan..I just tried commenting on as many blogs as I could, and then enjoying comments I received back… but  this year other’s from the early years also felt a change.  and like me, this year many didn’t slice every day.

I didn’t push myself to blog every day.  I keep an annotated  food journal where I track what I eat and much more about the bigger picture of the day, so public writing is just not as essential.

And I also changed my approach to reading a commenting on other blogs.  I was more calculating.. I looked for bloggers I knew over these 12 years of our March Marathons and I stopped racing from one blog to the next.  I lingered and often wrote longer, more thoughtful comments… I just slowed down ..and stopped thinking- how many blogs can I read in 10 minutes???  I just didn’t feel obligated and of course I don’t really care about a prize for writing every day… Writing is something I do for me…

So as we come into the last week of this writing journey, now that I’ve figured our a new strategy, I’m sorry it’s coming to an end… maybe it’s time to become a more regular Tuesday slicer…

Anyway, I love it!

12 thoughts

  1. I savor
    the words
    you write
    before dawn,
    before light arrives,
    before the world turns on —
    I jot the ideas
    down inside
    this journal,
    all invisible,
    a kernel
    of something
    to wonder about,

    — Kevin

  2. “Taking up the call.” Great way to put it! Great to see you blogging here this morning! Your post contains such thoughtful and authentic reflection. Thanks for sharing this today 🙂

  3. After not slicing/writing/blogging for almost three years, it is great to see that I still have a few familiar blogs to read and comment. There is something special about regular blogging that I missed. I think it is time for me to post regularly as well. Early morning writing has a special place in my heart too. If I could, I would read and write and watch the sunrise every morning!

  4. Seeing the number of people blogging during this challenge can be overwhelming – really great, but overwhelming. Glad to read your posts whenever you show up, Bonnie.

  5. What you wrote is a lot of how I felt this year too. I have not been a faithful Tuesday slicer. I do miss it and the community that surrounds my words. Perhaps I will write more often on Tuesdays, but I think I may step away from the challenge of March, that fire to write has burned out.

  6. When I found that many who started slicing with me wouldn’t join this year, I thought of dropping out too. But nine is a nice number, and it would be cool to make it to ten, so I write. Like you, my commenting plan is to try to reach the people I know first, and always comment on the three who have posted before me, and if time permits I pick few additional slices. I am glad you are here. I appreciate your comments on my blog.

  7. So far I’ve written every day in March, but I’ve missed quite a few Tuesdays this past year. I try to read new slicers, but I always end up spending more time with those I’ve “known” for years. Reading and sharing comments with them is the best. I hope new slicers get connected with each other like that, too.

  8. So great to read your “Early morning writing by the light of the screen.” Happy to read your words and hoping to see you on Tuesdays. I’ve given myself permission to slice less on Tuesdays this past year, and with a new grand baby coming soon, I’ll just have to see. Like you, I gravitate to familiar voices.

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