Border Reflections : SOS#5 May 6, 2020

This is my latest creation.  It’s been driving me crazy and I’ve been feeling guilty that it was finished sooner but I do need to procrastinate for a period between documentary pieces and I did have one to finish before this one. So… that one is done and this one is now up on You Tube and on my FB page and doing very well.

Almost two years ago my life shifted a bit… moving into a chapter of giving back, feeling deep gratitude.  I am here to showcase the amazing work of others as they work to make the lives of the needy better.  So I’ve been to Cambodia, to Thailand, to our Texas/Mexican border twice and I was on my way to Tanzania in June, but I might have to reconsider for 2021.

This piece is a bit longer than many.  So much is said about the short attention span of video watchers and while I do try to be as precise as I can be, I let the story direct me,  just the way authors talk about the length of their books.

My story was complicated…

When I first visited Melba and her husband in Brownsville, Texas, they were dealing with  200+ asylum seekers stuck at the border on the Mexican side.   It was eyeopening and I got to spend quality time with the major participants of the team each with a different perspective.  I had music played and sung by Melba’s husband David… and I had a deadline provided by Melba… presentations to make for volunteers and contributions.  I want home and I had a two week window to get it done and I did. I work best with a deadline.

But for my second visit, exploring a very different situation with 2,500 asylum seekers now being kept in the refugee camp with very few able to wait out their court dates with family on the US side.  I wanted to tell that story, of how different everything was…

I went home distracted.  I had another trip scheduled in just 3 weeks for Guatemala so I had to leave the border 2 piece and focus on destination yoga on Lake Atitla and I came home just before the corona isolation with UTI and some of digestion issues but it was not the virus… It took time to get myself back to normal and I did.

I was feeling so guilty that this piece was not getting done and out and would be outdated with the new scene at the border camp.  But with Melba’s help, with a Zoom session she provided the necessary updates…

14 thoughts

  1. Amazing, Bonnie. Your video touches my heart. What a wonderful ministry and thankful for the Brownsville team and others helping. I am glad you received an update. Give yourself grace. This video is perfect fro right now. You do such a splendid job with your video skills. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Very powerful Bonnie! You show the heartbreak of the people. I don’t believe I saw one “bad hombre” in a single frame. I saw people working, struggling to build a better and safe life for themselves and their families. Well done!

  3. Hi Bonnie,
    I love the backstory, and the reminder that it is okay with things get slowed down. Often no harm comes from the things we may consider as setbacks. I’m so glad you allowed the story to dictate the length. What a beautiful gift you are giving.
    Shine on,

  4. It’s not jut the work done with the ones who need help that matters, recording and sharing the story is equally important. I agree with Ruth that you are giving a beautiful gift.

  5. So much wrong and right in this world showcased in these images and words! It is powerful and moving. Deeply troubling and tenaciously hopeful as this story continues to unfold. Thank you for sharing this piece.

  6. Oh, Bonnie, the pics of the children, the story time, the child with a stuffed animal, the community gardens, the morning of learning with students seated on the ground and papers in their laps, the dedicated volunteer teachers . . . your skill for sharing their storiesis such a gift. My I share it on my FB page?

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