Road Trip Coming/Back Home: SOS Episodes #6 & 7: May 21 & 28, 2020

It’s 4 am… finished my first cup of coffee and toasted 1/2 Flagel with a touch of sunflower butter.  I know I will pay for this early morning wake up but hey, sometimes you just have to say, what the F! Just do it!

So here goes… If it’s Thursday morning, I’m writing a blog post and there’s always something to write about in this time of pandemic isolation.

Big week- I was out of isolation this week to don a mask and head to my local Toyota dealer to go through the final part of the process of switching out my 3 year old 2017 Prius Prime silver car for a 2020 model with very few changes. Well the price is a bit higher but in 3 years I’ll be showing up somewhere to pick up another new car.  I do love cars… but once I loved cars that had stick shifts and very sporty… now I enjoy an automatic and really only hybrids- this one is a plug in but sadly, so far I don’t have access to a charging place.  Hopefully if/when a new broom sweeps away the tragic Trump mess, we can return to responsible players in the world and work to catch up with the rest of the world leadership.  My fingers are so crossed.

My new car is getting used to its new digs at the moment but tomorrow morning we’ll be out on the road out for our first spin together, traveling on the NYS Thruway to my hometown of Ellenville, NY.  I’ve been there many times, since I moved away, visiting my family for weekends, family events…after all it’s only an 1 and 1/2 away… a stones throw away. But in this era of Covid 19 we have been talking about this trip for the last 2+ months, wondering when it was the best time.

I need to get away from my space for a few days but I need to be careful.  So I’ll pack, I’ll prep my house, Ill back my car out of its garage for the first time and get back on the road.  I’m figuring that even though it’s Memorial Day there won’t be too many other drivers with me…

AND I’m back and it was great to be with family and the familiar and it’s good to be back home now even if I’m  dealing with a sore lower back  but it’s not about me..

As I watched Rachel Maddow last night I was finishing a 1000 piece puzzle- a Klimt- picture about.  I listened to Rachel as she focused on that 100,000 number of dead from the Coronavirus.  I teared up as I heard her do the same.

And if that’s not enough sadness… there’s the execution of George FLoyd that is so well documented in the song below.  Highs are so high and lows so devistatingly low.




13 thoughts

  1. Love that bright red car you have! My husband is totally jealous, however he knows we would have a hard time getting into and out of something that low (bad knees for both of us). I’m glad you had a good trip home, it’s scary going beyond out immediate world these days. I long for the days I didn’t have to pay so much attention to where I went and who I saw. I watched Rachael last night too. Sadness for what is happening in the world stays with me all the time.

  2. Love the new red car!! Glad you got to test it out on the open roads to visit family. Think you captured our world today: Highs are so high and lows so devastatingly low. So many happy and sad tears as of late …

  3. Glad you were able to be with family and take a road trip. Our family is getting away for a little fun this next week, and I am just excited about being in a different place. The mixture of saddness and uncertainty has been overwhelming at times. Looking forward to something new, like your car, is a welcomed smile.

    • It was sooo great to be in that car and riding on the highway without a lot of traffic and of course to be with family even if I did pull my back. Back home now I’m feeling better and okay with my isolation. Enjoy your time πŸ™‚

  4. 4a.m.? Oh my. The Klimt puzzle must have taken patience. I saw the cover of New York Times with all the names. Behind the statistics are human stories. In Estonia we are opening and returning to semi-normal.

  5. I like the mix of normal and change, happiness and sadness that your post captures. The words wonder and at the end my heart feels the mix and the tension of emotions. Thank you for writing. Love & hugs, Ruth

  6. What a beautiful car! This post captures so much and so accurately. As we all venture out in the coming weeks, let these moments remain safe but high!

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