It’s Tuesday and I’ve been Away a Long TIme :)

Morning Slicers,

July has been a great month!  Actually late June- July. On June 23 I left for Cambodia with my two great friends/teachers and their principal and 12 of their students and I was gone for 12 days and the adventure was better than I could have imagined.  Then (how’s this for perfect timing?) a week to deal with Jet Lag and then about week to co-facilitate a writing workshop with the Hudson Valley Writing Project to create a new digital story… and now for a chill week ahead.

So here’s what I have to share:


So it’s nice to be back and I can’t wait to catch up with you.




Letters to Tuvia Y3/#sol18:Last Lights


Evening Tuvia,

I  just got home from a great dinner with Bonnie and Tom and I have this slice to compose and post as the 11th March marathon is nearing its end.  The first one marked our first beach trip to Aruba. Remember my search for WiFi? Outside the computer room and in the dining room area after breakfast as you read a newspaper, any newspaper you could get your hands on.  Sometimes we did scout out a NY Times but it was never current, but hey, we were in shorts and sandals in February reading and writing on the outdoor patio.

But this winter it was all about light… new hall lights, new lights in the study to make it a room I could create in with my new monitor and new MacBook Pro… Ahhh light, it does make me feel lighter, softer, calmer and happier in this winter that never seems to leave us.

I wasn’t in the market for any more lighting  but when I took a ride with  Marla who looking for a  heating unit for her  inside/outside room I found an electric fireplace insert that didn’t  look fake in this new age of technology.  It even had a small heater so I could shut the fireplace’s flue, plug the unit into an outlet and give up duraflame logs that I buy in bulk at Home Depot, that I lug up in 3’s from the garage to my  apartment and then of course finally clean out the ashes. What a mess I made today but it was the last one.

Last year I gave up wax candles and embraced Pier One battery-operated candles that I  magically turn off and on with the click of  a remote.  Thursday I’ll pick up my new Revillusion with its remote that will  turn on the logs and manipulate  the fake flames and with an array of colors for mood and I think I’ll enjoy my space  even more than I do now.


Bonnie S.