And in the End…:Slice of Life March Marathon Last Day 2014

Thanks Stacey, I was wondering how I would visually end this month of slicing and there you were with my guys. I’m remembering when I first heard Abbey Road. College- it was brand new. A brand new Beatles album, like manna from heaven. We all had to have our own copies and as you walked through the dorm area everyone was getting comfortable with the tunes.

I remember thinking how perfect it was to actually end an album. I’m singing away right now…remembering…

And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make

Hmm… Does that work here? Sure, why not?

It was a hard month of Slicing for me. I often missed my early morning writing time that I loved to use to kick off the day. Probably the best writing spot was right here:

Up with the Cancun sunshine

But often, in the real world it was a race against time to create something before the late night deadline. Yes, I always had something, usually with time to revise as well.

And then there was the challenge of commenting and that was even harder. Some days I didn’t read any and I felt so bad because I always got comments from the community. Thanks, my friends.

Of course Slicing never ends, in fact, tomorrow is SOLT again. What perfect timing and I’ll be on the road early with my video gear ready to capture lots of science teaching from the work of Highland Falls high school teachers. Do I have enough memory cards?

I loved the pressure actually, the creative torment of wondering what I would write about, what images I’d use. Probably my favorite Slices came from that magical process of Writing and Thinking, letting the clicking keyboard take the lead…

And I am… in the end… Hey wait I have to check an email I see arriving… I’ve been waiting for this one!

And in the end… the beginning…

Dear Bonnie,
Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that two of your proposals have been accepted as a Cool Tools session at the Summer Institute in Digital Literacy from July 13-18, 2014.
A brief summary of the suggested format is described in the attached. Please review these details to get a sense of how the Cool Tool sessions fit into the overall structure of the week.

Thanks to the Welcome Wagon Team and the Slicer Community!!!!!

More tomorrow!