Sweet, Sweet Saturday: #sol15 21/31

Just got home and it’s 9:15 PM and I need to write my slice before I expire for the evening.

I don’t think I ever doubted that my video would not go over well, but I was in the process and as of 11:30 I was set up at the 76 House in Tappan, waiting for the reveal.

Mimosas were flowing and after two I was loose.  I made small talk with the star couple of the hour and didn’t have much to say as they we just learning that there was something to watch and me, why did Bonnie Kaplan create it?  My question to myself.

I was patient though. Jane, the host and I decided that it would be best to show when everyone was seated and lunch orders had been taken.  Through most of the schmoozing a slide show of our recent Cancun trip rolled across the screen.  There were no pictures of any of the principles, but then no one seemed to care.

Finally, I was up and getting everything set.  I stood on the side after I started the piece with Jamie and Tanner in my sites and Michael, husband host, with his arm around me as I shook at bit with excitement as I remember feeling when I was standing in the back of a dark auditorium unveiling a new theater piece performed by my great high school kids.

Jane was grabbing photos of Jamie as she teared up from the start of the video. When I saw that, I relaxed.   Those 9 minutes flew by and soon it was coming to the finish and the applause rose.  I was done, back at my seat next to Tuvia, coming back down to earth.  As I moved around the room in the next few hours, as lunch was digested and schmoozing continued comments started to fly my way and it was all good, beyond my expectations.

Jamie wanted the You Tube link.  I was happy to send it.


End of a Snowy Day: #sol15 20/31

It’s the end of a day indoors, finishing up this piece for a wedding shower in the morning.  Not your usual shower because it’s totally coed.  No party games, not for this bride and her groom.  Just family, friends , food, drinks, a few short speeches and my video.

I remember meeting Jamie when she was racing around her grandmother’s swimming pool and I was new to Pearl River Schools and Hilda was a colleague and new friend.  Her daughter Jane had just given birth to her second daughter and we stood together at a honey cake party, celebrating Rosh Hashanah and I felt at home.

That was 1986 and now Jamie is getting married and I get to share the video I created tomorrow.  Right now it’s still mine even though I did share it with Jane and Michael, the hosts of the shower, but it’s still mine.  Tomorrow when it goes public, I’ll still love it but I’ll be passing it on and let it go and start something new.

But first I’ll take a break before the next creative plunge.