Spring Has Arrived and we are back for #sol15 on Tuesday!

Back to sharing a slice 🙂 🙂 🙂

I haven’t been away from my blog, in fact, I’ve been back here most days as I took up the April Challenge offered by Kim Douillard at her wonderful blog, Thinking Through My Lens.

She offers a photo-a-day challenge with a word focus: April Fools, history, place, outdoors… and I always feel free to make the challenge my own so even though I’m not embracing, “small” I ingest  the word each day into my mind and it lives with me as I move through it with my iPhone in search for something that might work.

For the challenge of outside yesterday, I was back home, over the Hudson for my weekly guitar lesson and I was stopped in my tracks, as early spring quietly welcomed me, but I needed sound and movement to do the moment justice, so I switched comfortably to video mode and after a few extra steps to bring the moment to my blog, hope you enjoy it!