It’s Coming… : #sol15

August is here. Can’t miss the change in the air, the chill at night.  It’s  midway point for NY/NJ  teachers on vacation.  I remember turning the calendar slowly, conflicted because conflicts aside,August is  my favorite month of the year because it’s MY MONTH-

I staked my claim to it on August 7, 1949, that is, my mom grabbed it for me, as a gift to her favorite sister, Sally and since then she has graciously shared it with me and most years, my first call is to her.

For most of my life I choreographed my day, often celebrating it away from home, with new friends in learning spaces abroad- summer institutes, writing workshops, camps…

For the last 20 years, Tuvia has felt the pressure of supporting myB-day designs but I have calmed down recently.  Sure, it’s still my day, but hey, I’m starting to feel like every day is my day and I’m willing to share.

I get a kick out of our Mia Rosenberg who turned 9 on Sunday.  She is passionate about her birthday.  She’s me, on steroids and I raced from Friday afternoon when the idea struck last Saturday night that the best gift I could give her was this video.



Can’t wait to celebrate in Saratoga and then back in Hoboken with the R-clan and watch the video sitting next to Mia.