It’s Tuesday and I’ve been Away a Long TIme :)

Morning Slicers,

July has been a great month!  Actually late June- July. On June 23 I left for Cambodia with my two great friends/teachers and their principal and 12 of their students and I was gone for 12 days and the adventure was better than I could have imagined.  Then (how’s this for perfect timing?) a week to deal with Jet Lag and then about week to co-facilitate a writing workshop with the Hudson Valley Writing Project to create a new digital story… and now for a chill week ahead.

So here’s what I have to share:


So it’s nice to be back and I can’t wait to catch up with you.



Letters to Tuvia Y3:#sol18 3/24: Itzhak Won’t Let Me Sleep


I’m thinking about a story I watched today and I’m wondering if I need to dust off my Snowball mic and start telling digital stories with my voice again.  I have a piece to work on for a Board of Education presentation coming up in the few weeks and I’m wondering if I need to tell it with some of my voice, my words.  Not quite sure yet! I’m thinking too that there’s a story of Tuvia I need to write and share from me, for me, for others…and Itzhak Pearlman, I’m up thinking about this at 4am because of you…

Tuvia, you were sitting next to me today as Agita and I feasted on a documentary about one of your musical superstars, Itzhak Pearlman and while before you I knew him, and thought I loved his music, you took me to a higher level of understanding and appreciation for Itzhak and the group of your favorites: Zubin Mehta, Issac Stern,  of course, Lenard Bernstein conducting Beethoven.  That’s a story I’d love to share.

As I sat with Agita and watched Itzhak love his wife, his performing life, his teaching life, his family life, his fame, his worldwide life, his New York City life, his violin life, his cooking life, his Julliard life,  his friends…it’s all there… he’s even speaking Hebrew in Israel. Duh, of course he is an Israeli.

He is a part of you, of me, of us together as we sat in darkened concert halls watching him, listening to him… in Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall.  I was always said yes to a concert,  as you took my hand in yours so you could share what made you feel so human, so connected to your life in the early days of Israeli independence when you could believe in the dream of a Jewish state…

Itzhak, I will curse you later today when I try to enjoy the march for our lives in Tarrytown.

I can’t wait to see this one again, and again and again…

Miss you,

Bonnie S.

PS I pledge that the music I use for this new digital piece I create will include the guitar version of Schindler’s List play by… me… Yes, Tuvia and Itzak, you both inspire me 🙂

PPSS When Itzak started playing Schindler’s List, I started tearing up and itching to get home and grab my guitar and work like crazy to get it up to performance level.


PPPSSS  I LOVED writing this Slice!

Original Slicer - Bonnie