Creative Living in Corona Isolation: SOS#5 May 14, 2020

Thursdays are always exhausting-good exhausting: A virtual guitar lesson at 11 with Jonathan, my amazing teacher for almost 20 years. Then there’s time for walking and listening to music and audio books- lately I’m obsessed with NY Times essays on Modern Love. But the excitement builds until 4PM when I can open a Zoom session and prep with our Hudson Valley Writing Project’s facilitator team for our weekly community forum where we invite writing project community and interested educators, writers and pre-service teachers to join us for an 1 hour and 15 minutes of writing to prompts and sharing in breakout groups.

In fact, if you’re reading this now and you’d like to join us, let me know.  We begin officially at 4:30 and finish by 5:45.

For the month of April we focused on poetry- perfect timing given that it was National Poetry Month. This month we are moving to the power of music as inspiration for writing. In fact I’ll be leading the group with the music video below.

Yes, today will be exciting.  We usually average 35-40+ HVWP teachers and visitors many  are now regulars. What is really exciting though is the preparation. We meet for a few minutes right after the session with interested participants to reflect and chat and consider next steps for the following week.  Monday we meet together to plan for the Thursday session with a small group that can join us. We map out a plan and a small group returns the next day for tightening. As the agenda is crafted it’s open to the team to return and revise. By Thursday we have a plan that has been created and crafted with care.

I’m so excited and proud to still be working with this organization.  My 20 year anniversary with the HVWP to be celebrated this July.  WOW!

So much to Share, Where to Begin?: Slice of Life Tuesday

I have been lucky to continue to work with great teachers in the Hudson Valley Writing Project. Marc and Dennis took up a new challenge during the summer and documented our Young Writers’ Programs and there were more than ever before. But when it came to creating videos the challenge intensified and we met together a few times to get this part of the project completed.
Here’s a piece that Dennis began and I stepped in for the finishing touches.
Hope you enjoy. We are presenting this work during a workshop at our February Saturday Seminar on Saturday…

and then I get to pack for Puerto Rico. I am ready for outdoor swimming with a new Miracle suit :), a cap and cover.


I have continued to love and feel the ache of swimming. New parts of my body are challenged by new passion. Today I took them all through an aqua class. What fun!

So here I am with so much to feel good about even with this insanely cold weather. I’m hoping to meet up with Tara Smith tomorrow and her 6th graders 🙂