Letters to Tuvia#121: Creatively Distracted (1-8-16)

Morning Tuvia,

It’s too early to get up and turn the lights on and get packing yet.  That’s right still not packed but I was productive last night. Finally finished my annual digital project.  I know that’s usually finished and out in the world by New Year’s Eve but this is an unusual year, right?  My goal was to get it done and out before I left for Israel and that I have done.

BRAVO!!!!! It’s up on the top if you want to take a look 🙂  I know that you need to watch it with me.  I’m feeling good about it.  Special this year with Kevin’s music contribution- including an international group of musicians to join him in its creation and then lots of photos came from friends in and out the USA.  I loved the process that pushed me out of myself.  Felt so healthy, so creative.

You know I’ll be packed and out on time.  I do have until 12:30 and soon I’ll be up to fit in a workout session with Anthony.  That you might have tried to get me to cancel, but I need that for my head.

This is a very strange preparation for a trip to Israel.  No, I’m not going to chicken out but damn it will be hard to get excited without by my side. Sorry, maybe the next time.  Of course it will be wonderful to see Ami and family at the airport when I arrive and begin a wonderful visit, but damn I miss you.

Love you here and everywhere T.

Bonnie S.