#sol19 2/31: A Productive Snow Day!


What a way to spend a day inside-creating a new video from my treasure trove of photos and videos from my month in Thailand.  It’s not quite finished, but what fun to wake up and know I have something brand new to post to a community that might click above, watch my  almost 3 minutes of edited work- a complete first draft.

I’m usually hesitant to publish a piece at this stage in the process but I wonder what I have.  I’ve actually been working on another piece for the last few days, focused on the work with wheelchairs I came along to document but Kim White, my Road to a Better Life partner,  requested this piece and I didn’t hesitate to move to our cane work.

He is scheduled to make a pitch to the head of a hotel in Chiang Mai and he’ll use this piece to make his case.  I’m not sure he’s watched it yet but I’m sure he’s fine with you taking a first look. So far this piece does not have text or narration but the images are pretty powerful.

Funny how this new collaboration has been so different and so productive for me.. Long distance means nothing in our digital world .So far this piece does not have text or narration but the images are pretty powerful.

What do you notice?  What do you think it needs?  .

I stitched together a set of powerful images- trying to create a sense of place and people in need in these tiny villages in north Thailand.

There’s more than I could say but after a day with this piece my head is throbbing… good throbbing… and if you are motivated, please let me know what you think?

Great timing to be in day 2 of this marathon,


Wow, It’s been a Long Time: SOL 2019

Morning Slicers,

This is my first slice since September 11, 2018.  My life has taken such interesting turns and spontaneously, after a long weekend of just a bit of snow but seriously freezing temps I am back here… on this blog and creating a Slice.

I’ve just returned from an amazing month in Thailand(Dec. 20) and for the last week I’ve been focused on creating some video pieces that document that month.  I have more to share but for now, those pieces reflect amazing adventures I was lucky enough to have with a new buddy, Kim White.

I can’t wait to catch up with you….


Here’s my pieces if you have the time and curiosity,