It’s Coming… : #sol15

August is here. Can’t miss the change in the air, the chill at night.  It’s  midway point for NY/NJ  teachers on vacation.  I remember turning the calendar slowly, conflicted because conflicts aside,August is  my favorite month of the year because it’s MY MONTH-

I staked my claim to it on August 7, 1949, that is, my mom grabbed it for me, as a gift to her favorite sister, Sally and since then she has graciously shared it with me and most years, my first call is to her.

For most of my life I choreographed my day, often celebrating it away from home, with new friends in learning spaces abroad- summer institutes, writing workshops, camps…

For the last 20 years, Tuvia has felt the pressure of supporting myB-day designs but I have calmed down recently.  Sure, it’s still my day, but hey, I’m starting to feel like every day is my day and I’m willing to share.

I get a kick out of our Mia Rosenberg who turned 9 on Sunday.  She is passionate about her birthday.  She’s me, on steroids and I raced from Friday afternoon when the idea struck last Saturday night that the best gift I could give her was this video.



Can’t wait to celebrate in Saratoga and then back in Hoboken with the R-clan and watch the video sitting next to Mia.

Socks Officially Knocked Off By Al : #SOL15

We see a lot of movies, in theaters, on Netflix, in fact, on our first date, discovering our mutual passion for movies was the icing on the cake. So it goes without saying that we love the experience and sadly, have had our expectations dashed often. With Danny Collins, I wasn’t expecting much. The previews did not fill me with optimism. A broken-down rock star, drinking and coming onto younger women, ugh. Michael Corlione, Godfather, Part I, come back to me! But it was a rainy,cold Sunday and Tuvia was more enthusiastic after watching Al on Charlie Rose a few days earlier.

The lights dimmed, and movieland took us over. What an idiot I was to doubt that Al Pacino would let me down. Danny Collins, loosely based on a real Danny Collins, was once a young rising rock star, often compared to John Lennon. In a flashback, a young Danny is interviewed and admits that he’s afraid that he won’t be successful and that John Lennon is his inspiration.

Back to the present: we watch Al from behind preparing to wow an audience, and he does, but it’s clear he is just going through the motions. Same in his private life, with a ridiculously younger woman who has planned a surprise birthday party for him. But later, when the guests are all gone Al sits with his manager/best friend( Christopher Plummer) hands him one last gift and his life turns around.

The journey begins and I’m hooked. Tuvia,not yet, but soon he is too.

As much as I liked Woman in Gold, it was Helen Mirren who held the movie together. For Danny Collins, Al had a great supporting cast, great direction, a great script and John Lennon music throughout.

From the first to last frame I was inside this movie, even though I really needed a bathroom break. As I write this review, I’m grinning, remembering scene after gorgeous scene of this story. I can’t wait to see it again. I’d put this one on your list if you too, remember young Michael Corlione and want to see what Al can still do to knock your socks off.