Done and Feelin’ Good: #sol15 9/31

Okay friends, here it is!

After the usual number of hours of non-stop torture and pure pleasure creating a new piece, I am done and it is published on my You Tube channel and soon Stacey will post it somewhere on the Two Writing Teachers blog and I feel good that it’s done before Stacey’s deadline, although in my mind I needed to have it done before I could pack for Cancun.

Not that I still don’t have pressure hanging over my head. I have two more pieces that I need for next week but Cancun could be an easy place to get them done. We’ll see. I’m also taking my ukulele along. Easy to pack, fun to play with and I have not been playing with it much.

But the piece at hand. I need some reflection.
So there’s 55 Slicers represented. Lots of Slicers shared their desks and studies with dogs and cats as writing partners. I loved the captions, I loved the selfies, I loved the variety and it became my challenge to make sure everyone had their moment in the piece (some maybe not enough-sorry) but I didn’t want to go beyond the song I selected or the time 4 1/2 minutes. Some might feel that’s too long, but I never worry too much about time. If the story to be told demands more time and Tuvia doesn’t get bored half way through his viewing, I’m feeling like I’m on solid ground.

It was fun to use this piece to experiment with my new Final Cut tools- plugins from Pixel Studios. It slowed down my process but it allowed for creative exploration. Important, right?

The next piece will get easier, maybe. It always takes time to get into a routine. Yes, I was in a great mode yesterday but I had to stop before I started making mistakes. Around 11:30, way after Tuvia, I shut down and knew I had time to be done in the morning, before my day of beauty for the beach with Dana.

She, by the way, loved this piece.

So enjoy…. Hope you love/like it. I have a pre wedding video up next, back-to-back with a Pd piece documenting classrooms in Ellenville, NY.

Okay, I need a Tylenol. I can’t afford a cold right now.